We continue to liaise with the LDC Confederation regarding NHS dental care in London. Dental practice re- opened on 8 June 2020. Patients who need help from a dentist are being urged not to visit their practice unless advised to do so, and to contact their dental practice by phone or by email where they […]

Local authority social services

We are currently working with local and pan-London representatives of London local authorities and the London office of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) to clarify the agreed process and packages of care and support that will be made available to key categories of patients/residents during this period, and to seek to […]

London Ambulance Service

LAS has produced a presentation for practices to help them better understand the LAS processes and how they categorise/prioritise calls. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, LAS has enabled a HCP to delegate the LAS request via the HCP line by completing the booking checklist form, which can be found within the presentation. Health care […]

Palliative care services

We are working with STP, regional and national colleagues to clarify the pathways that will deliver the potentially very high demand for palliative care services, from both medical and social perspectives.

NHS 111

The NHS 111/CCAS direct booking capacity of one appointment per 500 patients includes the one appointment per 3,000 patients that had previously been designated within the GMS contract.

Acute trusts

Referrals Acute referrals – We advise discussion with the specialty admitting team (if possible) to consider if the benefit of hospital assessment/admission outweighs the risk to the patient. If the risk out-weighs the benefit, the speciality team may give advice and support so that the patient can be managed safely in the community. If the […]