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Covid-19 vaccines

The Vaccination Guide and linked documents are archived and are no longer being updated (last updated February 2021). Our monthly newsletter and website continue to provide updates on Covid-19 and many other issues.

Designated site requirements

The issues that will affect practices’ ability to rapidly deliver this programme include vaccine supplies and delivery schedules, designated site requirements, workforce availability and public acceptance of the vaccine.

Designated site requirements: Revised guidance from MHRA issued on 9 December states that patients need to be observed for 15 minutes post immunisation. This is in addition to earlier information that people should not drive for 15 minutes post vaccination. This will have a significant impact on the capacity of the designated sites. We have produced a spreadsheet enabling practices to calculate capacity on the basis on needing an observation area following injection which allows for the 15 minute wait requirement post administration of the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine and 2 metres social distancing.

The British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology (BSACI) has advised that: individuals with a localised urticarial (itchy) skin reaction (without systemic symptoms) to the first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine should receive the second dose of vaccine with prolonged observation (30 minutes) in a setting with full resuscitation facilities (eg, a hospital).

New site approval

As the CVP develops PCN groupings may wish to open additional sites or move sites as it becomes more apparent what the site requirements are to maximise delivery and the safe flow of patients through the vaccination process.  Section 7 of the enhanced service deals with this and states that commissioners should have regard to PCN groupings preference and may invite PCN groupings to nominate additional sites as well as recognising that it may be necessary to amend a designated site.



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