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Covid-19 vaccines

The Vaccination Guide and linked documents are archived and are no longer being updated (last updated February 2021). Our monthly newsletter and website continue to provide updates on Covid-19 and many other issues.

Public acceptance

The issues that will affect practices’ ability to rapidly deliver this programme include vaccine supplies and delivery schedules, designated site requirements, workforce availability and public acceptance of the vaccine.

Public acceptance: Across London, LMCs are in discussion with CCGs/ICS/STP about how to ensure that our ethnically diverse populations are provided with appropriate information that recognises cultural sensitivities. Through these routes, practices can be involved in local campaigns to ensure our patients receive the correct information to make an informed decision regarding the vaccine. Nationally the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) is preparing information on the vaccine and vaccination programme for patients. Despite these developments significant numbers of patients will have individual queries regarding the vaccine. We believe that general practice will not be best placed to respond to, nor have the capacity to be able to respond to, these queries as it is unlikely that practices will have access to any information beyond that which is in the public domain. As such we believe a regional/national helpline will be required and are lobbying to get this service provided.

It is important that prior to the administration of the Covid-19 vaccination, the patient has information they want or need to make a decision to proceed with the vaccination. You can read our new Covid-19 vaccination consent checklist guide and download the actual vaccination consent checklist here.

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