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Living Guide

This living document is produced by the GP medical directors of Londonwide LMCs in collaboration with clinical colleagues within the NHS system in London to guide London’s GP practices to best help our patients.
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Assessment of the severity of Covid-19 infection

Key messages

  • Most patients with Covid-19 can be managed remotely with advice on symptomatic management and self-isolation.
  • Although such consultations can be done by telephone in many cases, video provides additional visual cues and therapeutic presence.
  • Breathlessness is a concerning symptom, though there is currently no validated tool for assessing it remotely.
  • Safety-netting advice is crucial because some patients deteriorate in week two, most commonly with pneumonia.
  • The Primary and Community resource pack has published a useful pathway on categorising patients with Covid-19 symptoms in the community.
  • The BMJ has a very useful article and info-graphic regarding assessment. BMJ pathway.
  • NHS London: Primary and Community care resource pack during Covid-19 also has information regarding remote assessment.
  • We have produced this flow chart to assist in triaging children with, which we expect to be a particular challenge during the winter months due to the upsurge in non-Covid-19 illnesses which cause febrile symptoms.
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