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Living Guide

This living document is produced by the GP medical directors of Londonwide LMCs in collaboration with clinical colleagues within the NHS system in London to guide London’s GP practices to best help our patients.
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Before we start

Before we start with practical details, please always remember…

You matter too!

It is important to acknowledge that a lot of us are feeling fearful and anxious. We are reminded that, as a profession and as individual health care workers, we have a duty to our communities and patients, and yet many of us are also concerned about our own family members, and that we may be exposing them to risk.

We are operating in a time of rapid change, moving away from the model of care that we were trained for. We are moving into new ways of working, pushing us out of our comfort zones at best.

We are trying to maintain the high standards of care for our patients – trying to keep on top of guidance, which is changing daily, sometimes hourly, and working in an understandably chaotic system in which roles and responsibilities of all providers and health care professionals in responding to the Covid-19 pandemic are urgently being determined.

We are repeatedly told that things will get worse before they get better. For many of us, this will be the toughest challenge that we have ever faced; it’s understandable that many of us are experiencing fight, flight or freeze reactions.

Physical health


  • Health care worker safety is paramount.
  • Protecting health care workers protects patients.

See our later sections on safe operating models and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Mental health


  • Your emotional and psychological wellbeing matters.
  • You are not alone.

See our later section on ‘Caring for Ourselves.

And finally, before we move onto the nitty gritty, please do remember that:

This Too Shall Pass

With that in mind, let us now move onto the practical advice and resources to support you during these challenging and unprecedented times.

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