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Living Guide

The Living Guide and linked documents are archived and are no longer being updated (last updated April 2021). Our monthly newsletter and website continue to provide updates on Covid-19 and many other issues.

Caring for ourselves

Key messages

  1. Many of us are feeling fearful and anxious.
  2. You are not alone.

Please see our caring for ourselves and colleagues document for helpful advice and resources.

We have developed the GP Professional Support Network (GPPSN) to provide constituent GPs with a single platform from which they can access help, resources and support in relation to difficulties that they are facing in their professional practice during and beyond the Covid-19 pandemic. The GPPSN can be accessed here.

The GPPSN allows constituent GPs access to the Londonwide LMCs’ GP Support Team and the full range of services they provide and will have links to other sources of advice and assistance.

The GPPSN also allows constituent GPs to connect directly to experienced professional support providers, some of which will be provided at a charge to the individual GP:

  • Peer to peer professional advice and support.
  • Education supervision or support.
  • Professional coaching.
  • Talking therapy support.


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