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Living Guide

The Living Guide and linked documents are archived and are no longer being updated (last updated April 2021). Our monthly newsletter and website continue to provide updates on Covid-19 and many other issues.

Links to key guides and templates within this guide

Ways of working

What is our new practice operating model?

Home visiting

Supporting care homes

Hot hubs

Preparing a contingency plan for temporary closure of a practice

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Safeguarding and domestic violence

Safeguarding and the role of primary care

Resources to help you and your patients

Caring for patients with suspected Covid-19

Clinical course of Covid-19

Assessment of the severity of Covid-19 infection

Pulse oximetry guide to systems for remote monitoring

Triaging patients with Covid-19

Monitoring patients with Covid-19

Referral/admission criteria for patients with Covid-19

Management of Covid-19 related pneumonia

Palliative care for patients with Covid-19 infection

Antibody testing

Supporting patients following Covid-19 infection

Long Covid

Managing other post-Covid-19 complications

Meeting essential non-Covid-19 health needs


Remote examination

Continuing to provide essential non-Covid-19 services

Workload prioritisation

Non-acute GP services

Non-Covid-19 acute care

Long-term condition clinical care resources

Management of long-term conditions during and post-Covid-19 (updated 3.12.2020)

General practice interface with other providers

Acute trusts

2WW Pan-London Cancer referral forms during Covid-19 pandemic

NHS 111

Palliative care services

London Ambulance Service (LAS)

Local Authority Social Service



Death certificates and cremation forms

Medical certificates: fitness notes (MED3)

Information regarding shielding, self-isolation and social distancing

Isolation notes and letters for Covid-19 related absence from the workplace

Transport for London (TfL)

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) – temporary arrangements regarding medicals

Healthcare professional support services

Caring for yourself and your general practice guide (including a list of professional support services)

Risk assessment

Healthcare professional testing for Covid-19 infection

Practice management resources

Tracking Covid-19 related expenses


Practice contractual requirement and funding FAQ

Data subject access requests and freedom of information requests FAQ

Indemnity FAQs

NHS pension scheme’s death in service benefit

Patient registration

Business continuity planning

Practice cleaning guidance

NHS Covid-19 app