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Living Guide

This living document is produced by the GP medical directors of Londonwide LMCs in collaboration with clinical colleagues within the NHS system in London to guide London’s GP practices to best help our patients.
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Preparing a contingency plan for temporary closure of a practice

Key messages

  1. Practices need to consider the impact of having 20-50% staff loss at any given time.
  2. Practice closure should only be implemented if the practice has no other option and for as limited time as feasible.
  3. Closure would be due to having insufficient staff to maintain a safe patient service.
  4. Practices should discuss with their primary care network (PCN) and/or federation in the first instance how they can continue to support their patients.
  5. Practices need to inform their CCG and NHS England’s primary care commissioning team of the closure and, if possible, the expected period of closure.
  6. Patients will need to be made aware and given advice on how they will continue to be able to access general practice care.

Please see our full policy for important details.

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