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Living Guide

The Living Guide and linked documents are archived and are no longer being updated (last updated April 2021). Our monthly newsletter and website continue to provide updates on Covid-19 and many other issues.

Processes concerning the death of a patient

  1. English law does not require a doctor to confirm death has occurred or that “life is extinct” – guidance has been produced by the BMA to support untrained individuals in assisting in the verification of life extinct and it remains open to a doctor to attend if in all the circumstances of the case they felt it was reasonable, appropriate and safe to do so.
  2. Covid-19 is an acceptable direct or underlying cause of death for the purposes of completing the Medical Certificate for Cause of Death (MCCD).
  3. There are significant changes to the requirements on us regarding death and cremation certification.

For more information, please see our helpful and important guide on processes concerning the death of a patient.

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