Practice cleaning guidance

South East London CCG produced a practice cleaning guide for room cleaning following an assessment of a patient with suspected Covid-19 infection.

NHS Covid-19 app

The national NHS Covid-19 app has been developed to support measures to trace and isolate people who have been in contact with infected individuals. This is important to help prevent spread of the virus. The more people who download and use the app the greater the prospect that people who may have Covid-19, but otherwise […]

NHS pension scheme’s death in service benefit

NHS pension scheme’s death in service benefit guide for sessional GPs (sessional, salaried and freelance locum). Q: I work as a locum GP and am concerned about terms and conditions and pension arrangements, including death in service benefits, whilst working during the COVID-19 crisis situations. Do you have any information that you can share on […]

Business continuity planning

Click here for our Service Continuity Resource Early Warning System (SCREWS); a resource to enable practices to monitor their resources and capacity so that, at an early stage, they are able to proactively consider what measures can be taken to reduce the risks of cessation of particular services or closure of the practice. If a […]

Patient registration

During the pandemic we need to ensure that we are still enabling patients to register with practices. Patient registration can be done remotely and we have produced a guide to assist you in adopting this approach. Please ensure that your practice maintains a method to enable those who are unable to use remote methods of […]

Indemnity FAQs

Additional sessions Q: What is the stance of the MDOs pertaining to GPs who are working increased sessions due to the Covid-19 pandemic? A: Individual MDO positions are below:   MPS state: “We are happy that GPs do not need to update their practice details during this period to reflect increased work related to the […]

Practice contractual requirements and funding FAQs

Thank you for your questions and queries. We have incorporated resolved queries in the appropriate sections of this guide. There are queries for which we are continuing to seek answers, and we will update you as soon as possible. We have produced, and will update, FAQs relating to the PCN DES for 2020/21. To support […]