Long term condition clinical care resources

Key messages We are all learning how to manage Covid-19, and the management of long term conditions (LTC) in the context of Covid-19. Please see our long-term condition guide which is to help remotely support patients with LTCs. We have collated useful clinician-facing and patient–facing resources to help support us and our patients, as we […]

Non-Covid-19 acute care

Immediately life threatening Practices need to continue to diagnose non-Covid-19 life threatening conditions. This should be carried out remotely wherever However, examination may be required and, if so, this should be arranged according to our key principles (Ways of working). There are clinical indications for calling 999. However, with increased demand on ambulance services, and […]

Non-acute general practice services

Key messages  The RCGP guidance lists non acute services that should be continued regardless of the scale of  the outbreak and helpfully categorises general practice services into high priority, medium priority and lower priority. Services that rely on other providers can only continue if workforce allows across all providers. Resources to support delivery of non-acute […]

Workload prioritisation

Key messages Workload can be categorised into: Green: aim to continue regardless of the scale of the virus outbreak. Amber: continue if capacity allows and if appropriate for your patient population. Red: postpone, aiming to revisit once the outbreak ends, ensuring recall dates are updated where possible. The RCGP has produced useful guidance on workload […]

Continuing to provide essential non-Covid-19 services

Previous viral outbreaks have demonstrated that morbidity and mortality associated with reduced access to care can be of equal, if not greater, significance than the impact of the infection itself. Attendances at emergency departments and two-week wait referrals have fallen significantly, and hospital colleagues are telling us that people, both with and without Covid-19 symptoms, […]