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Covid-19 vaccines

Londonwide LMCs guidance on considerations around the Covid-19 Vaccinations Enhanced Service
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Income protection/reduced services

Following national NHSE guidance sent to practices on 7 January, London CCGs have written to practices setting out what activities will be covered by income protection measures as part of their plans to allow practices to focus on core services, including vaccinations.

We will add further local examples from the other STP areas as they become available. Clinical prioritisation is essential to maintaining safe services; the RCGP and BMA guidance on workload stratification and prioritisation continues to provide a good framework for this

CCG actions:

  1. Support practices to focus on core services.
  2. Suspend LESs/LCSs other than: vaccinations and Covid-19 related activity, for example reducing hospital admissions or supporting discharge. PMS KPIs are also suspended.
  3. Review whether CCG management clinical staff could redeploy to support practice or PCN work.

National actions:

  1. Additional funding for PCN CD role to reimburse managing the Covid-19 vaccination response for Q4 (Jan-March 2021), equivalent to an increase from 0.25 WTE to 1 WTE for PCNs participating in the vaccination programme.
  2. Minor Surgery DES income to be protected until March 2021 including the related additional service income in the global sum.
  3. Quality Improvement domain in QOF to be protected in full at 74 points per practice until March 2021.
  4. Eight prescribing indicators within QOF to be income protected on the same basis as the existing 310 points, using 2020/21 list size.
  5. Appraisals can be declined, or GPs can use the revised 2020 model.
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