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Covid-19 vaccines

Londonwide LMCs guidance on considerations around the Covid-19 Vaccinations Enhanced Service
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Outstanding issues general

  • The consent process needs to be confirmed:
  • The process for applying for a share of the additional £150m fund that have been released by NHS England to support general practice until the end of March has not yet been provided. This funding has been broken down by STP area:
    • NWL £7.19m
    • NCL £4.11m
    • NEL £4.49m
    • SEL £4.98m
    • SWL £3.99m
  • Londonwide LMC is entering into discussions with the STPs to ensure that as per the national letter ‘CCGs should not introduce overly burdensome administrative processes for PCNs and practices to secure support’ and that this funding resources is rapidly released to general practice to support the seven priority goals.
  • In addition to this funding, the announcement that there will be £120k per STP/ICS to be utilised to support GP recruitment has not yet been discussed to understand how this will best support practices.
  • Reporting guidance for positive Covid-19 cases identified in those who have already received one or two vaccinations can be seen here.
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